We're Not Alone - Blog #3

My friend, Jeanette, and I were pregnant at the same time. Our families enjoyed many special experiences together, especially in music. Then they moved. We kept in touch, visiting in Chicago and California, and then two years ago in Texas. About 11 years ago Jeanette had moved from California to take care of her mother in Texas who had Alzheimer’s. Little did Jeanette and her husband know that her mother would still be living 10 years later. So two years ago her husband retired and moved to Texas as well. On my visit I watched Jeanette surround her mother with a gentle, heartfelt love, amazing care, and many experiences of beauty. She sang often with her mother. Recently, she even began writing a musical to share the faith that sustains her. Never complaining, she reminds herself daily that selfless giving is a privilege.


Hearing about my son, Chuck’s death in May, she sent several messages, and continues to pray. The last message had a beautiful message in a song she recorded. She sings sweetly as if to a child, “I may not always be there to take you by the hand...to listen and understand...I may not always be there to hear you when you cry...to wipe the tears from your eyes...BUT... I now someone who will. Jesus will be there to help your heart be peaceful and still.”


That knowledge has brought comfort to her heart and mine as well.


No, we are not alone. Taking time to meditate or pray, to walk or sit in nature can be ways to connect with a Loving God who hurts when we hurt, and who promises never to leave or forsake us – even when it may feel like God has abandoned us. Be honest with God about all your feelings. His presence can comfort you in your pain.


Priscilla Leavitt,  PhD, LPC


Dr. Leavitt is certified in marriage & family therapy, grief & bereavement, hypnosis, stress & Christian counseling. A popular speaker & Executive Coach, she uses her expertise for healing clients & teaching professionals.

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