Pet Crematory

Helping pet owners pay proper respects to a beloved animal


The loss of a cherished family pet is a sad chapter in a family’s life, and often the first experience of loss for children. During this time, many pet owners in the Mid-Ohio Valley have contacted Leavitt Funeral Homes to ask about meaningful and caring ways to honor their pets close place within the family.

“After receiving a number of similar phone calls, we decided to use our experience in helping people cope with the loss of a family member to support them during this special loss,” says Stephen Leavitt, co-owner of Leavitt Funeral Services and Leavitt Pet Crematory. “We handle all the details and arrangements after a pet’s passing, so families can concentrate on the memories of their pet.” At Leavitt, there’s a long history of giving every service exactly the right touch. Leavitt Pet Crematory completes the arrangements for individual pet cremation and pet burial services. An experienced Leavitt staff member is individually dedicated to providing clients with information on various service options, coordinating transportation of a pet from the home or a veterinarian’s office, arranging for cremation, or burial at a local pet cemetery, or providing advanced planning services. Leavitt Pet Crematory also offers several memorial options, including special pet caskets, urns, monuments, engraved brass plates and crystal memory keepsakes.

When a pet dies, adults and children may experience profound grief and feel a wide range of emotions. For children, the loss of a family pet is often their first experience with death. Leavitt Pet Crematory offers grief literature for children and adults, which will help them understand what has happened and learn how to express their feelings.

At Leavitt Pet Crematory, we know that family pets are unforgettable friends, willing listeners and devoted allies. We guarantee that each pet will be lovingly handled and will receive personal, individualized care.