Our Cremation Promise

Cremation: Trusted Care for Generations

Why choose Leavitt Funeral Home?

As Fifth Generation funeral directors and a family owned funeral home, we are committed to providing cremation service to ensure respect to the deceased, personalized service choices, and price options for every family.

The Leavitt Cremation Promise to your family:

  1. We will not outsource our cremation to someone else …
    1. We built the first crematory in the area in 1994, over 20 years ago.
    2. We ensure your loved one is always in our care, from the place of death until the cremated remains are returned to your family.
    3. To give you peace of mind with our 8-Step Processthat identifies your loved one through the entire cremation process.
    4. That with 100% certainty you receive your loved one back after the cremation.
  2. To have the only facility staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year, available when you need us.
  3. Provide you with caring Funeral Directors and Staff specifically Trained for Cremation
  4. 4 Licensed Crematory operators.
  5. We built the first Family Center in West Virginia to host reception or memorial services in a relaxed setting, giving you a choice from a traditional funeral home setting.
  6. We put into action the Code of Cremation Practice.
  7. To give families service options specifically designed for a family choosing cremation.
  8. A special room to help families say goodbye before the cremation.
  9. Ultimately, to provide the highest level of care that you and your loved one deserves and can trust.